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Welcome to the Doctor’s Diet Shot and Wellness Center. Congratulations on taking this step to achieve your desired weight loss goal and more importantly, keeping the weight off. Usually, those advertised, quick and guaranteed to lose weight loss claims, promising weight loss over a very short time frame, do not work. And those companies are only interested in profiting from your unhealthy and unhappy temporary state. The key is a lifestyle modification on a day to day basis, with medical supervision.


Success will depend on how much you personally invest in your program. The diet pill is just one part of the whole solution. You will need to pick a program: be it a 1000 calorie count per day, a high protein- low carbohydrate (20-50 grams) per day, weight watchers, etc.  However, there has to be changes in your diet.  As an experienced medical advanced practice nurse, I have counseled thousands of patients over a decade with a very high success rate. I usually steer meat eaters to the high protein-low carbohydrate plan because it has statistically proven, as announced on good morning America, as the “fastest” weight loss plan and most successful metabolically and chemically. It works if followed. Vegetarians and persons with high cholesterol /triglycerides are usually recommended to follow the 1000 calorie per day count. I always recommend a portion control diet. Dr. Oz maintains that a portion should be no larger than your palm size (an estimate).

 And if you have no health conditions that would contraindicate you need to begin a gradual walking program, as tolerated and increased over time. If in doubt, refer to your physician before beginning an exercise program, and as part of total wellness program, and it is wise to get a medical clearance by having a total medical physical. You also need to do something relaxing 15-30 minutes daily to reduce stress.

 I’m sure you know the United States is now leading the world in the number of people considered obese. It is estimated that two-thirds of the U.S. population is either obese (30 lbs) over weight or morbid obese (100 lbs overweight). Obesity in children is the highest level in history. Complications due to obesity cause many medical issues such as HTN, STROKE, HEART DISEASE, HIP REPLACEMENT, DIABETES, SLEEP APNEA and many more.

I believe greater than 50% of obese/morbid obese patients also suffer from depression based on my clinical interaction with my past clients. It is treatable along with the diet pill on an individual basis in my practice. Our clinic focuses on the entire clinical picture, and considers you as an individual. Not just an approach that works for everyone. Everyone is different. You are unique and need to be evaluated and treated as such.

 A good first start is drinking lots of water. The latest medical study recommends water amounts based on height and weight. The old eight glasses (65 oz) per day was based on someone 5’5 and 128 lbs. That does not apply to most of us. More is better for you. Water helps make you feel full and flushes toxins out of your system. Any reputable program would also tell you to be on a multi-vitamin daily. As you loose weight you also loose vitamin content and vitamins can avoid feelings of weakness and fatigue. Your goal should be 1-2 lbs per week loss only, as you are learning a lifestyle change, including new eating habits. Remember, it usually takes an adult at least 30 days to begin being successful in developing any new habit. We want to assist you in paving the road to total success and a maintenance plan, while assisting with keeping the weight off so you don’t ever go through this ordeal again.

 I advise every patient to begin starting with half a tablet diet pill (less is always safe.) A recommended way to take phentermine is to take a daily dosage when you first wake up, then eat breakfast in 30 minutes. Some patients take it depending on their work schedule ½ in the morning and ½ in another 6 hours, but well before bedtime.

Each patient is treated as an individual at our clinic. Different strategies work as you begin noticing how phentermine affects your body. It is a stimulant and should reduce cravings and increase energy levels. Informed consent is discussed with each patient on your first visit regarding all possible side effects. It typically causes dry mouth, which will help you with your water intake. Remember phentermine is a controlled substance and you should never exceed the recommended dosage, and keep it in a safe place out of the reach of children. You should never give the medication to anyone else. As of now, we can only dispense a monthly supply from our office.

Each month your blood pressure is closely monitored for safety, and a medical clinical report is maintained. Remember that how much you’re willing to put into your program- is how much you will get out of it. You didn’t gain the extra pounds over night, so don’t be hard on yourself if it takes a little time to make progress. If you only lost one pound per week, that would be 52 lbs in one year. Medical studies have proven a 5% weight loss can greatly reduce your health risks. Everyone has bad days, but always tell yourself tomorrow is a new beginning. Don’t ever give up. Ask yourself “now”- when do I want to start losing weight, hopefully today.  That begins with your first day at the Doctor’s Diet Shot and Wellness Center. Phone 901-590-3538.


We also have an adolescent program for ages 12-17 with parental consent. There is also testosterone available for men, which is highly effective and there is a current special running at our clinic. We want our programs to be affordable for everyone. If you feel you have special needs that need addressing beyond your monthly consultation- that can be arranged. I will do all I can to help provide tips for success, as well as offer a pleasant and knowledgeable staff. And again, it all begins with making a call to our office at 901-590-3538. Appointments are given priority, but we also welcome walk-ins. We also offer booster shots that help to give you extra energy for exercise- B12 Lipo B or Vitachrom.

You can do it-One day at a time.

 Paula Jones, ANP


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